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[CLOSED] 100 Points Giveaway

Journal Entry: Thu Jun 12, 2014, 5:14 PM

Winners: :icondrunkbunneh: :iconpokesmosher365: Congratulations :la:

Giveaway Winners by 2kaze


Here's another one :iconfeelingfreeplz:

Bullet; Red There will be 2 winners ( 50 Points each ) on this giveaway. 

Bullet; BlueIt's easy to participate :iconmikulaplz:

Bullet; Red +fav This journal.

Bullet; Red Choose any artwork you like ( it can be yours or not ) and  I'll feature it on this journal.

And that's it :la:

Want more? Check :iconlt-fleur:'s drawing contest,  Win $25 USD and more!  DRAWING CONTEST and RAFFLE! **CLOSED**Hello all!
Since my girlfriend and I's one year anniversary is in a few months, I've decided to start this drawing contest where you have the opportunity to win $5, $10, or $25 (or that amount in points) plus art! More money or prizes can/may be added.
Not only that, but there will also be a raffle as well where you can win $5 (or that amount in points)!
Now there will be a contest and a raffle and you can participate in both :aww: So if you enter both the contest and the raffle, you have a chance to win up to $30!! :la:
Also, a big special thanks to :icon2kaze: for helping make this contest happen! :la:
Drawing Contest!
You must draw my girlfriend and I's OCs together in order to participate in this contest! (References to our OCs are below!)They can be doing almost anything together from being random/silly to being on a date, bein

:bulletred:The giveaway will end June 19

Featured art:

I Give You My Heart by Swiftkill2000Xboxliv:thumb460078268::thumb459560212::thumb455663351:Hello, Ellian by Medical-ShenanigansGamers Portal Adventure by LillytehnekoFirst time with tablet! by Pengow
Junie B. Jones Glasses by fandomverse95Slender Man by ShinyLatias82Magic by PokeCardzNothing To Fear Than Fear Itself by rAINbOW-DNAFiligrane: The Clock by Bory-Einfrost:. Bloody Rainfall .: by FavetoniRobo-momo by AriNeko'Let me take a selfie!' Floradragon Collab Entree by Blooxi You MonsterYou simply unravel me.
Every strand of DNA is yours for the taking, and you are skilled in that.
Swift fingers, soft hair, clear eyes; all beauty in disguise.
For you are truly a monster.
When an image of you slips silently into my dazed consciousness, I have naught the strength to fight.
You contort my heart in agonizing beats; the vile substance that of red strains to reach the drowning organ.
Your eyes shall forever be engrained into my being while burning its nonexistent love into a mere reflection.
A reflection of the feelings I slowly grew doubt in.
Even though I have long since known, my body does never recall.
It still aches for the partner it had; the puzzle-piece fit that locked desirably in place.
Yet, even though my body wishes to evoke a burn that has long since passed, I strive to never give.
It begs for the old; the discreet, forbidden secrecy of enraptured souls twined together with no hope of letting these intangible strings straighten!
However, my mind knows
The Willow TreeThere was an old willow tree;
We used to sit there, you and me
In the middle of our field
It's been years since my heart has healed
But the memories still remain.
We would sit underneath that tree;
And talk about all those things we would see
All of those things we planned to do
Oh its so hard to forget about you
The memories don't go away
It was a few weeks since we saw the tree;
We both became too busy
The dreams began to fade
I wish that you had stayed
The memories keep coming back
Today I look at the stump of our tree;
And wonder why you left me
I look at your name in stone
And feel the cold seep into my bones
The memories bring tears to my eyes
How I miss our willow tree
:thumb458655885:Trio by KrixxxxxxKagome with dress by Lizallymother and me by CrazycartoonwolfOuran Highschool Host Club: The Day of the Doctor by PokeSmosher365Color palette request drawing by thatonenerdybroadDay Out by nhu-dlesAutumn Leaves by TimeKiller357EelHounds After-Match Lecture by theblindbandit1Oc. Raily Don't Brake my heart by BloomLoveixChibi Elsa - Frozen by Shizuru1412Virizion by AnimePegasisterAnimal jam take a pretty picture! by Blaze296animaljamitaly cat icon by pointgiverandtaker Ghost!Hetalia X Psychic!Reader- Cease- Ch.1
Ghost!Hetalia X Psychic!Reader
Ch. 1
Chapter 1- Arrival
I'm selfish, impatient, and a little insecure. I make mistakes, I'm out of control, and at times hard to handle. But if you can't handle me at my worst, then you sure as hell don't deserve me at my best.
-Marilyn Monroe
Reader’s P.O.V~
“So…. This is the place.” I mumbled and slammed the car door shut.
My name is (Full name) I am currently 22 years old and have just inherited a house from my deceased grandmother. After packing up and leaving my college behind I carried on to my new home in France.
My grandmother had been born in this country and left during World War 2 to flee to (home country) where she had a family and many years later I was born.
After her husband-died years ago, she returned to live out the rest of her days in the countryside of France. And that’s what she did up until she peacefully died in her sleep at the age of 97.
That was 6 months ago. In tha
Shade730 contest entry by WolfTiger98Bandaid Snowboard by gortholomewAero's Fury :Final Sketch: by KyaValentineStarry Night. (Contest) by TheNewFaceInTownGz Armor by GZneonknight45My Little Pony Pets by gortholomewToshi Reading by AMT149:thumb450078107:Kuja'as Fashion Sense by CrimsonSealThe art of escaping by MadylyneCat girl gamer oc needs name by NibbleWatt:thumb446321460::thumb446321460:Somewhere Above the Clouds by Katz-DrawingsKuroshitsuji: Claude Faustus by K-KojiCOMMISSION | Full pic for Wroof by unextiiGC : Derpiedie Dooh by UnpopularGeekSailor Uranus by Black-Quose:thumb458149835:Pajama party~ by xX-ArtBloqued-XxQueen_Of_Kawaii_World_815x315 by MeiliChan15:thumb457383829:[P] Elsi + Roseluck (+ Speedpaint) by syllabuSplash Einstein by GB-ART3Draw to Adopt by Yuudopts by fingerpaint888:thumb460258314: You've Got to Hide Your Love AwayA gentle voice and an air of grace
a tiny smile from her brightens your day
Sadly Alex John, you know your place
you’ve got to hide your love away
You wait at the corner between fifth and sixth
by some building's tall iron gates
Not ten minutes later, she’ll call out your name
and apologize for being late
You wave off her little crime
with a sad, knowing smirk
You ask, “Who was it this time?”
and wish you could murder the jerk
She squeals with a happy little twirl
and tells you of the latest perfect man
He’s sweet and smart, he’s really cool
“and so hot, you’d need a fan~”
You see her eyes alight with a lovesick gleam
as she chats excitedly all the way
With every tale, you can only dream
that these words will be about you someday
You’re her closest friend and confidant
a servant worshiping the queen
You’ll give her your life, beginning to end
but she’ll never understand what you really mean
Whatever should come, yo
Our Place Together by JeniHudsonWonder Woman SD by Ferina-san:thumb442856592:Autumn. by Anastasia-AleksDongard and Sepiere by i-am-a-fangirlGacha Adopt for Azoony! by The-Artistic-Devil:thumb442907222:Poro [ nail art ] by QuintaruA Walk Along the Briny Beach by Jenova-Cells<da:thumb id="451001763"/>Elsa Stark by ToshkiTree Of Memories And Happy Dragon by TeeaJaffRosbe-san:thumb407402005:Britney Spears by Madhurupa. by cylccaSpyro and Cynder by Bluepisces97OTA by kooIaid:thumb457002157:Coloured Sketch - Sleepy Treat by AMT149[ swag selfie ] by CommanderHomoReference: Lydia by mango-shiroGive them back to me! by Vvlad-vVolfenMoon Trance by 1DarkfalconI Heart U by crystal7709Pass it off by BFDIBOYERSFTWTWO POINTS EGG HATCH ADOPT OPEN by ArtistGirlFiona::T:: Wisp by verlakBills *-* by type-your-answerSouthern Skies [speedpaint 02] (2014) by MeekochanJump! by SketchyfinchGloss by tknkEliza Cassan by gasparic104:thumb457229501:Callie Photoshoot #1 by SnowStormNinja24Pink Dragonite icon by Mangaka-FinnyHPM: -Fighting Comp R3- Ryouko vs Robin by Otato-OtatoElsa's music by Mareishon

Aurora Skies by ravisnose:thumb414941760:AT: Katsuma by Ninja-Nomicon27:thumb447331028:Kiriban prize by KittenLifePugs not drugs by Tydal-waveSuper Saiyan by RAOcreations Free Art Giveaway [OPEN]Important update down in the journal!!~

Giveaway hosters: Aitsuka888 and HazyStreet
Yes, this is our very first giveaway. And we're really excited La la la la
So, let's just get to it~
Note: This is not a raffle. You don't need to be that one lucky person in tons of others. All you need to do is to come here and claim your prize! Heart bum 
Only one rule:
Bullet; Red You must watch us (Both!). New watchers are welcome! :bademoticon:
Examples of prizes:
P.S. HS - Hazystreet, A8 - Aitsuka888 :)
1. HS-Portrait - Vixenoflight
2. A8-Digital headshot - Miistical
3. HS-Half-body chibi - Pupuomena
4. A8-Lots of love - MetalgearTwilight01
5. HS-Paperchild - SaniRoy
6. A8-Tr
:thumb455157320:Purple Daze by amanda4quah:thumb460313492:Midnight Vigilance by ShadowhawkArtYukine by KHForeverWithYouShailene Woodley with by Bycreat:thumb388876997::thumb460660937:Starry Eyed~ by CatsofFreedom88Maplecrest - watercolour headshot by Attic-Salt-Storms:thumb460657117:c -- Nyanperonya (1/4) by paichaiPanty and Stocking by zhenyueleon sama~~ by akitsu-kunThanks ACEN Fanime by whispwill:thumb373670712:Bone Appetite attempted shading. by VampiricCross:thumb460947327:Stockings by Ascotia-Bluefleck:thumb458114084:Raccnarr by VDragon-Creations:thumb452526481:As the sun sets by actualgiraffeDo you like a Tango? by MelloriaHeroanime 1 by xXxAnimeRockStarxXx:thumb460396907:I use to rule the world!? by yo-go123-kThe Mighty Mushroom by YoungFryOfTreacheryWolf by GoldenSkarmory Johnson City LimericksThese poems have been found scattered across the eastern United States since the outbreak.  The series takes its name from the city in Tennessee where the first poem was discovered, spray painted on a wall.  They are believed to share the same author, but nothing is known about the poet.  Here are three of the limericks.
There once was a guy named O’Toole,
He got bitten and turned to a ghoul.
Now bash in his head,
To make him doubly dead,
Or else your [sic] surely a fool!
Scavenging, I found an album with fame,
Which I traded for ammo to hunt game.
We didn’t discuss the loot,
But after, I had to hoot,
Because Revolver was its name!
As the world rots, you’ve fought, starved, and bled,
And politics never passed through your head.
But the Legion is making you nervous,
The Coalition demands your “service,”
And you thought your worst fear was the dead!
Chibi Elsa and Anna WIP by TheDemonOfSloth:thumb460240551:Paramore - Misery Business Drawing, Version 2 by sunnybunny1199Kairi by zleepyland Voice Box.I was tired, but i had to keep walking. My feet hurt and they felt as if they were bleeding, and they probably were.
With each step, i felt as if i was another world away. I looked ahead, the streets glowed from the overhead shine of streetlights.
"Where was I?" I began to ask myself, but i quickly realized i didn't care.
Anything was better than the alternative.
My revolving questions became "What street am I on?", as i looked around, i saw no indication of a sign, but i trudged on anyway.
I ran away from home, most kids say they will do it, but they always chicken out.
I was surprised i did it.
It was tempting to go back, but i didn't. Its been 3 days, i have  been living off the $15 i stole from my mothers purse, and it's been far too late for me to walk home and try to pretend nothing happened.
Its hard to imagine, 3 straight days of walking, (except for the 3-4 hours i slept a night).
I could already imagine "The have you seen me" poster
It would say my name in bold print, Ph
Finchwing fanart by cactus-childIA-Reach by Shironaii

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