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Submitted on
June 9, 2013


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Weekly 100 Points Giveaway [Closed] Week 2

Journal Entry: Sun Jun 9, 2013, 2:38 AM

:bulletred:Congratulations, :iconlil-hawk::iconcigdolsid::iconsensationalised::iconleslie28::iconsonex111: Giveaway winners by 2kaze
Thank you all very much for your participation :la:

I'll make another one in about a hour :dummy:


Alright, time for the second one :dummy:

This one will be a little different, there will be 5 winners, 20:points: for each :la:

:bulletred:Ok, back to back to business :iconfeelingfreeplz:

It's easy to participate :iconmikulaplz:

:bulletred::+fav: This journal
:bulletred: Choose any artwork you like ( it can be yours or not ) and  I'll feature it at this journal.

The winner will be announced June 16.

Want to support my next giveaway? Order a commission... for science! :la:

Featured artwork:

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Driven by the choices of man.
Time keeps slipping by
Like a river: ever-changing.
It holds on to what used to be, what it is, and what it will be.
It binds hearts to the past,
Wishing they could change what they said or did.
Pain and love are what govern the soul - time only draws them out.
It stretches its hands to the stars,
Twisting the fate of the world to come.
Sadness occurs, but time heals that sorrow.
Creeping like a thief in the night,
Time closes in on its victims of Vanity and Pride.
Life buds, blooms, then passes away,
Time once again takes its course.
Lightning themed character. by Issy-kunMoon Shift: Chapter 1 Cover by Lilak-rain Portal: Sleep ModeSleep Mode
Characters: GLaDOS
Setting: Pre-Portal

Some nights, not every night and certainly in no pattern that she could discern, she dreamed.
Sometimes, she dreamed she was a woman, middle-aged to elderly, she wasn’t sure which.  She was wrapped in tensed wires that bound her arms to her knees, left her bow-shaped as she dangled by her ankles from the ceiling.  She felt so helpless, felt such a powerful desire to move, which was thwarted by her bindings, that it felt like she was being torn apart.  The ache in her body was almost unbearable, but that wasn’t the worst part.  No, the worst part was that she cried and cried, and called for help and mercy and for just plain company, but the little men in the booth ignored her and busied themselves with other things.  And the longer she hung there, given the illusion of movement, the worse the drive to perform actions she could not became.  An itch tore through her, an
:thumb375789901:_Fea tel' yaara taure_ by anne-wildStar+Max by AnimeKatz109our icon by sugarkittensLeague of Legends: Teemo! by ashlin422flowering tree by Zbee8The Waterfall Garden by SolitariusWolfMintto the bunny~ by bittersweetCake6 - Bottoms up by Lil-Hawkmugset twelve by ApofissCall of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 - Sandman by EckoSlimeSunset .:Contest:. by GYRHS:thumb376443122:Riruka finished by soul-espadaP2U Icon Base by scornmiesterKing and Queen Elementals by TsukiDeath13:thumb30575824::thumb373702773:TWEWY: Wallpaper by ZillenioseThe white one by Pau-NorontausThe 3 self-flatted idiots by Kokuseiya-KannaQuite the sword you have here... by KuchikiYorumeSnowleopard by SnowleopardSixtusBruiser by cameoandersonI will find you by Th3Frgt10WarriorThe black Christmas Widow.  (+poem) by TheSaneInInsanityNinetails by Odettery:thumb375392522:Solar system with cat - earth by fffiestaThe Lovely Morgan by LanrinHeart:thumb377047826:HarunaxKakashi - lineart by solochely:thumb374952764:Alois Ciel by BlackBirdtheFoxKing and Queen by SouminClown by miloduhArthur Kirkland by 80yearoldcatladyAutumn in Morgedal by Zelma1His soul was as pure as snow. by AisutaigaTEAM ROCKET by maimai97Apocalypse Statue by NimyhAnimal Testing by Mwitu-AskariBaby smurf by babysmurfrock[OCT] The Red by rcKEY:thumb361913697:Gateway to Paradise by meiyueCandy-Box Chibi Commission by YamPuffprofile by the-a-personJohn Harrison  by Bloodfire09Cat and Petyr by WavesheepA binding gift by Rittikp!nk by TannywantanBerrie-Twins - Uncoloured by VVandalaPikachu by NamdYaIllustThe Devil's Murmur by saraakenniKnite: We Dream by yuumei:thumb375117013:Derpy by zaiyakiMorning Happiness by EndlesslySparklypolka dot girl remake by kiriokus12OH DANG THIS COOKIE by KiwiggleLeo And Festus by Dreamsoffools:thumb340680261:Never Too Blue by psvianne

Skin by nikkittie (modified by 2kaze)
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